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APM Terminals Poti(APMT Poti) and Poti New Terminals Consortium (PNTC) signs Memorandum of Understanding. Accordingly,
100 million dollars investment is expected on the land belonging to the Poti Sea Port Corporation and hydrotechnical infrastructure.
The New Bulk Cargo Terminal has a capability to process 9 million tons of different types of dry bulk cargos annually and will
expand new opportunities for Georgian transit corridor.
The Poti Sea Port Corporation (PSPC) expresses interest in expanding the Poti Port to north direction within “North Territory”, which
involves the construction, development and operation of the new breakwater, dry bulk cargo terminal and related infrastructure
according to international standards.
For this purpose, Poti New Terminal Consortium (PNTC) united a group of Georgian and foreign businessmen to create develop and
manage dry bulk cargo terminal of the modern international standards as well as the relevant infrastructure and facilities within the
“north territory”, the annual capacity of which will be 9 million tons.

  • Terminal length 400 m
  • Terminal depth 14.5 m
  • Yard 24 hectares
  • Maximum capacity 9 million tons of
    dry bulk cargo annually